Incorporating Testimonials and Quotes in Your Teacher Resume

When a principal writes an annual review, develops a letter of recommendation for you, or even sends a nice compliment on your work, make sure you file it with your job search documents for future use. These documents can be powerful job search tools to help you...

Teacher Resumes for Career Changers

Changing careers from the corporate world to teaching or administration can be one of the hardest things that a person does. You are going from what you know to something completely different. However, switching careers can be extremely rewarding as well. Maybe you have always wanted to be an educator, but...

Your Teacher Resume Need to Show What Makes You Unique

With the economy the way it is, school districts can pick and choose the teachers they want. They may only receive a handful of teacher's resumes or possibly a thousand, depending on the school district. For that reason, it is very important you determine

How Can a Teacher Deal With Gaps in Their Resume?

Gaps in your resume are one of the most common obstacles teachers face when writing their own resumes and cover letters. There are several ways to handle these gaps in your resume. Gaps are spans of unemployment that typically...

Can’t Find a Education Job? A+ Resumes for Teachers Can Help!

If you are having a tough time landing a teaching or administration position, then you may want to consider developing a resume that targets a different industry such as...

Art Teacher Resume Example

This resume sample really stands out with its eye catching icon and positive quote. In this case we listed Kerry’s education and credentials right after the profile because they are relatively recent for the education field. This resume sample contains many keywords, these are critical to...

Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

This elementary teacher resume example is visually appealing, concise and to the point. It is unique and includes an area of proficiency section, the profile and strengths immediately show the readers this teacher is qualified.

English Teacher Resume Example

An excellent English teacher resume will show the educator’s ability to effectively motivate students to develop strong critical thinking skills and to think for themselves in a “risk-free”, safe learning environment. Furthermore, the resume needs to demonstrate the teacher encourages students to ask relevant questions and participate in classroom discussions to increase social growth and self-confidence.

Librarian Resume Sample

This school librarian resume sample shows the incredible value that Carin can bring to a school district. It has a visually appealing icon plus an area of expertise section to get your attention to entice you to read on. Carin's job history is solid, making it easier to come up with relevant accomplishments.

Math Teacher Resume Example

This math teacher resume sample really showcases the benefits Albert can bring to the classroom and the impact he can have on students' success. He graduated years ago the date of graduation was omitted, because we didn't want to age the client.

Science Teacher Resume Sample

This sample resume for a Science Teacher really grabs your attention and interest! We have included a subject-appropriate icon (a beaker) and highlighted Cindy’s outstanding personal profile in an appealing shade of blue. The reader is automatically drawn to this profile, and is given a snapshot of her abilities to plan engaging lessons and activities and prepare students for state assessments.

Social Studies Teacher Resume Example

Take a look at this Social Studies Teacher resume sample, and see if it interests you. The original border and creative font capture the reader’s attention right away, impressing that this educator is one of kind and certainly stands out. To really express the high level of education that Paul has received, we start off the resume with an immediate introduction to his Master of Arts in Education Degree.

Spanish Teacher Resume Sample

Have a look at this comprehensive sample geared toward Spanish Teachers. Immediately the eye is drawn to the “table” containing Julie’s areas of expertise. Directly below is an outstanding quote from a colleague, impressing upon the reader to inquire more about this extraordinary teacher. Though she has only taught at one school, Julie has been there for several years, thereby demonstrating her commitment and loyalty to her work and the school.

Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Take a look at this sample resume for the position of Substitute Teacher. Immediately the eye is drawn to it due to the bold, blue position title and the classy border, with just a hint of blue. The resume opens with a detailed profile about her devotion to learning, followed by a list of her areas of expertise. Since Sandra has held various types of teaching positions, we really wanted to highlight her versatility, as well as short- and long-term substitute experience.

Teacher's Assistant Resume Sample

This sample resume was developed to showcase the years of hands-on experience that Louis has as a Teacher Assistant, as well as his relevant capabilities. Instantly the reader is drawn to the highlighted portion at the top, which reveals his dedication to helping students and demonstrates his talent for providing students with individualized support. Since Louis’ instructional experience is more recent and applicable than his education, we have placed his teaching experience first.

Vice Principal Resume Example

This sample resume showcases the skill set, core competencies, years of related experience, and post-secondary education that John has, enabling him to become an exceptional Vice Principal. Immediately the attractive border catches one’s eye, and exhibits a professional nature. After providing a comprehensive personal profile, we have listed John’s core competencies, which interviewers are able to cross-reference with their list of desired qualities.






Art Teacher Resume Sample

Elementary School Teacher Resume Example

English Teacher Resume Sample

Librarian Resume Example

Math Teacher Resume Sample

Science Teacher Resume Example

Social Studies Teacher Resume

Spanish Teacher Resume Example

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Teacher Assistant Resume Example

Vice Principal Resume Sample

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